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Commissioning and startup of the site

Carrying out of commissioning works is the important step, focused on providing of reliable and safe startup of equipment and systems, and their further putting into operation. Commissioning works help to detect possible defects while installation, failures in equipment operation before putting equipment into operation and provide its trouble-free operation during the whole lifecycle. Duration of trouble-free equipment operation and optimum functioning of systems and Customer’s object in general depend on quality of the carried out commissioning works.

PLUTON experts have a wide experience of carrying out a scope of works regarding adjusting and putting into the operation of own equipment and equipment of other manufacturers. We carry out complete validity testing of the carried out commissioning works with the application of the latest equipment and guidances, execute electrical equipment factory defects detection and adjustment of its operation in the maximum loads mode.In addition, the list of works, which are carried out by our experts, includes commissioning works cost estimation and their scope, checking of accordance of technical parameters of equipment project requirements and values.

On the completion phase of commissioning works we execute technical report (test protocol) regarding the executed works, complete set of executive documentation and transfer of commissioning documentation and object to Customer, which gives him an opportunity to put equipment into trial operation.The qualified PLUTON engineers execute commissioning works strictly in accordance with a project and operating document, rules and functional safety requirements. All equipment and its components pass obligatory checking of conformance with technical specifications of enterprises-manufacturers, SNiP, construction standards and regulations, occupational safety, labour and fire safety regulations.

In addition, after work completion, PLUTON experts provide engineering support and carry out Customer’s personnel training regarding usage of the new equipment and technologies.
Such approach provides high quality and optimum costs of commissioning works, carried out by our experts, and guarantees reliable and uninterrupted equipment operation during the long lifecycle reduces risks of malfunction occurrence and guarantees the substantial economy of Customer’s resources.

Level of technical skills of PLUTON experts who carry out commissioning works and equipment testing, their vast experience, as well as high quality of executed works allow transferring totally functional objects to the Customer and ensuring their long-term trouble-free operation.

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