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More than 30 years PLUTON implements technical innovations in its products, and our engineers solve their tasks in a close dialogue with Customer. Innovative approach is one of the most important components of our leadership, and is a basis of the robust economy of each country. Inventions form the future and allow solving difficult tasks, which face the manufacturing, energetics or transport industry. The latest solutions of PLUTON make our equipment more efficient, safe, eco-friendly, as well as user-friendly and maintenance-friendly. We are always looking for ways of efficient increasing performance of our products, and thereby increasing its efficiency for Customer.

Innovative approach to solving tasks regarding protection of traction network at DC traction substations
Reliability of converter facilities and protection of electric transport power distribution systems against damaging effect of emergency currents depends  to a greater extent on high-speed operation of protective devices. In response for requirements to provide efficient solutions, which could provide reliable protection of DC electric circuits against short currents and overloads, as well as increase reliability of power supply, PLUTON offers an innovative solution — AFB arc-free ultra high-speed DC circuit breaker, applied in the power distribution systems at tram, trolleybus, light railway transport and metro traction substations.

The solution is based on the principle of power circuit interruption in vacuum. This principle allowed avoiding plasma ejection at tripping and half the size of work space in comparison with standard circuit breaker with standard switching and arc interruption. Besides, No damaging effect of arc significantly reduces fire risk. Environmental safety while using this solution is provided due no contaminating and toxic combustion products, as well as combustion products deposits on circuit breaker components and switchgear units.

AFB circuit breaker provides high-speed power contacts opening (opening time is < 1 ms) and possibility of tripping before short-circuit current setting reaching by current rate of rise (di/dt). AFB has no arc interruption contacts, and as a result, no need for their periodic replacement. Further, there is no need for main contacts replacement due to the lack of their wear up to the expiry of vacuum interrupter mechanical life, as well as no need of contacts inspection after emergency currents interruption with unlimited number of trippings. AFB has high mechanical/electrical wear resistance — 50 000 switchings to maintenance (including short circuit current interruption), that's why maintenance is not required for a long period.

AFB arc-free circuit breaker has intelligent control, protection and diagnostics system, which structurally consists of 3 modules: processor module, measuring module and thyristors control module. This system provides complete all-sufficient control of circuit breaker and its components, and fulfills all necessary functions, including protection (Imax protection and di/dt protection), as well as remote control and measurement.

Application of AFB arc-free circuit breaker allowed PLUTON experts to create a conceptually new design of switchgear, characterized by compact size, maintainability, operational reliability and personnel safety.

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