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installation and commissioning within the shortest time

Aiming to improve the quality and reliability of electric power supply PLUTON offers integrated solutions for the construction of modern modular traction substations. This solution opens prospects and horizons for the development of a functionally complete facility for power supply of the first category consumers with the flexible configuration according to design features.

Benefits of modular substations:

  • normally unattained installation designed for operation in automatic mode;
  • high quality and reliability of substation, reduction of time and costs for installation and commissioning on the site;
  • environmental stability under various conditions, fire safety;
  • reliable protection against dismantling and breaking;
  • substation startup readiness is 10-30 days upon pre-construction completion, depending on the number of substation units;
  • customized solutions, modern design, and ergonomics;
  • possibility of relocation to another site.

Modular substations



    Switchgear series NEX with air insulation for primary power distribution for voltage up to 17.5 kVSee offers


    Reliable and failure-free withdrawable and fixed rectifiers in set with modern dry transformersSee offers

  • DC switchgears

    Safe and reliable power distribution with application of intelligent control systemsSee offers

  • AFB Arc-free ultra high-speed DC circuit breaker

    Innovative solutions for DC current switchingSee offers

  • Protection and monitoring systems

    Microprocessor traction substations and cable lines ptotection and monitoring — a new generation of intelligent protection devices, based on advanced technologiesSee offers


    Operating current cabinet is provided for AC conversion into regulated DC for charging of accumulator batteries and power supply of consumers with DC voltageSee offers


  • Turnkey Designing

    Turnkey Designing

    A full range of integrated turn-key solutions for development and reconstruction of traction substations.

    PLUTON experts technical skills and years of experience allow offering a full range of design services — from pre-project inspection up to field supervision.

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  • Equipment manufacturing and supply

    Equipment manufacturing and supply

    Development and manufacturing of equipment both according to own technical documents, and according to Customer’s documentation. Equipment supply to the Customer’s site.

    High reliability and efficiency of PLUTON equipment that meets international and European standards.

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  • Commissioning and startup

    Commissioning and startup

    Fulfillment of a full range of commissioning works qualitatively and on time, commissioning of equipment, electrotechnical devices, automated control systems and a total site according to all regulations and rules.

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  • Customer’s personnel technical training

    Customer’s personnel technical training

    Customer’s personnel technical training is an integral part of PLUTON provided services.

    We provide technical training of Customer's technical experts, which ensures safe, efficient operation and maintenance of operating power equipment at Customer's enterprise.

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  • Technical support

    Technical support

    Integrated technical and service maintenance of equipment, supplied to Customer, as well as technical consulting during the whole equipment lifecycle is an integral part of PLUTON provided services.

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  • After-Sales Services

    After-Sales Services

    PLUTON considers offers regarding carrying out technical support of equipment operation — from one-time attendance of our engineer (maintenance team) in case of emergency situation up to the integrated site maintenance according to the Agreement.

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Modular traction substations
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